General Terms and Conditions

Definition of terms: For this document, it is important to define who the parties referred to might be. "We," us," "Crossways Consulting," "Darryl Cross" or "Career Tracker Pty Ltd" is hereto referred to as the "company." "You," "customer" or "client" means anyone to whom we supply a service to.
What is a service? A "service" means any goods or service that we offer or supply.

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  7. Clients may participate, decline to participate, or may withdraw from methods or procedures proposed to them at any time with appropriate notice or explanation.


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(Information posted October 2009)


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Terms & Conditions of Sale


It has always been the company's policy to treat our customers in exactly in the way we like to be treated ourselves. Our toes curl at the sight of small print, but it appears that not only to add to our credibility but to comply with new legislation (EC Distance Selling Directive) we are required to offer you our own 'large print' version. You should note that your statutory rights under the current consumer protection laws are not affected (more probably enhanced).

Data & Privacy

The information collected from you at the time you place an order (on you or those you gift to) will be stored in our database and is used purely to carry out your instructions and action your payment. There are no circumstances under which, this information might be passed to a third party (see our Privacy Policy).


We undertake to supply you with the goods described in these Web Pages or in our brochure by any date you might reasonably request knowing that our product has to be processed and posted. If you have an urgent order, it is always advisable to discuss your requirement on the telephone +61 8 8361 7722. Some of our products are nearly always available for immediate dispatch. Unless we have specifically agreed otherwise, delivery will be as soon as possible and not longer than 30 days.


We will only contact you in connection with your instructions and keep you well informed should we have any difficulties providing you with the specific goods ordered, to be delivered by your date specified. We will not email you at all without your permission.


Obviously you the customer recognise that we do rely on Australia Post or Freight Carriers (or other suitable carriers for overseas deliveries) to perform the 'contract'. We do monitor the performance of our carriers. Whereas we have so rarely had a complaint about the quality of our goods, there may well come a time when due to circumstances entirely beyond our control our goods have not arrived by the requested time. As soon as we have learned of this, we will always offer immediate despatch of a replacement parcel – providing the selected goods are available for despatch.


In the light of the forgoing, you will appreciate we feel confident that we can guarantee your total satisfaction with our product and service. Again you should note that your statutory rights under the current consumer protection laws are not affected (more probably enhanced).


In the event of loss, late delivery or dissatisfaction with the product supplied and a replacement is not acceptable, the goods need not be returned (unless required by Australia Post for their investigations), but a full refund will be sent. If initial payment was by Credit Card, then the refund will be made back to your Credit Card Company. If however, payment was by cheque, then the refund will be posted to you by cheque promptly. Our major concern is to maintain our happy relationship with you our customer. If the goods ordered were a gift to a third party, the parcel is sent not only with your message, but a note asking them (your giftee) to contact us immediately if they feel the goods are not in perfect condition or they believe the postal / courier services may have failed to deliver promptly. We suggest that we will attend to this without any fear of embarrassment to you. We feel this is what you the donor would want us to do on your behalf.


Although our customers offer payment at the time of placing their order, it is our policy not to action Credit Cards or cash cheques until the time at which the goods are to be despatched. With cheques however, we do need to wait until the Bank has passed payment before the goods are despatched. Payment online is through our own bank, Bank SA (a subsidiary of St George Bank) which is totally secure (BSB: 105-128  Account: 475881640). There are extra costs that the customer might need to meet particularly with overseas shipments which are highlighted in "Terms and Conditions of Sale."


Currently books and other similar items attract a GST component if sold within Australia. Outside Australia, there is no GST due. There are some countries too where there will be some excise duty due - on the whole, most countries do not pursue this on small quantities. When shipping via International Carriers, they will apply whatever duties are applicable and if we know about this beforehand we will inform you. Any duties payable will be paid by us to the International Carrier. If these have not been taken into consideration at the time of placing your order we will contact you.

Title of Goods

The title of goods will have been deemed to be passed to you, the Customer on receipt of full payment of the product(s) that you have ordered. Complaints: Well we don't have a procedure - because it has never got to that situation in over 10 years of selling products. Nevertheless, we take any complaint very seriously and would expect to contact you almost by return, but at certain times (e.g., Christmas), this might lead to a delay of at least 48 hours. We can be contacted via email or by phoning +61 8 8361 7722.

Law and Jurisdiction

Any contract for your purchase from the company is governed by and has to be interpreted under Australian law, and you agree that such a contract will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.

Note: We suppose that because we have always enjoyed an open and trusting relationship with our existing customers, it grieves us somewhat to have to write down above what has just been mutually understood between us over so many years. In so doing it has somehow denigrated that good old Aussie sense of fair play......
Any concern that you might have regarding security, privacy or complaint in connection with making a purchase online may always be taken up with the office. Please email or phone +61 8 8361 7722.
(Information updated October 2009)